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Orico Sound Adapter SC2

by Orico
Original price €11,90 - Original price €11,90
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€11,90 - €11,90
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  • Model: ORICO-SC2
  • Material: Engineering material
  • Input Interface: USB2.0
  • Output Interface: Microphone interface, 4PIN Headset interface, Earphone Interface
  • SNR>=80dB
  • Frequency Range15Hz - 25KHz
  • Earphone Indicator: Blue
  • Microphone Indicator: Red Light When Silence
  • Other Functions: Silence switch, Volume adjustment
  • Supported System: Windows/Mac OS/Linux
  • Cable Length: 10cm
  • Dual Outputs for Simultaneous Listening
  • Microphone Port
  • Volume Dial
  • Mute and Deafen Buttons
  • LED Indicator for Earphone and Microphone Usage
  • Plug and Play

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