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EKWB EK-HD PETG Insert 12/16mm (10pcs)

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  • Material: Black ABS EK-HD PETG Insert 12/16 (10pcs)
  • The EK-HD PETG Inserts are EK's way of battling against potential hazards that the use of PETG tubes present.
  • PETG tubes are extremely popular because of the ease of use and their flexibility. On the other hand, PETG tubing is prone to deformation when exposed to high temperatures (40°C and above). The deformation rate depends on the duration and maximum temperature reached. These temperatures can be reached with pump failures, water block clogging, etc.
  • The EK-HD PETG Inserts provide a safety measure for 16mm OD / 12mm ID PETG tubes which prevents the tube wall from collapsing inside the compression fitting. 
  • The EK-HD PETG Insert is low profile and it is not visible when in use with any of the EK hard tubing fittings.
  • It's recommended to be used only with PETG tubing
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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