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Cougar Gaming Chair Hotrod Royal

by Cougar
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€349,00 - €349,00
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Welcome to the Danger Zone
The Hotrod Royal gaming chair’s body-embracing design features a multi-zone backrest anchored to a hard, external FRP shell that provides optimum support for your body where you need it most during high-stress maneuvers, allowing you to focus on what really matters – winning.

The chair's body-embracing design ensures optimal support, immersing you in comfort.

COUGAR анонсировала новую серию геймерских кресел — Hotrod и Hotrod Royal -  GoHa.Ru

Days of Thunder
The Hotrod Royal features a unique shell made of PA Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic. This material is strong, lightweight, and flexible, and is designed to withstand the stress of sudden movements and maintain its shape, ensuring that you remain comfortable and supported through every sharp turn.


Double Impact
An ergonomically engineered head cushion to prevent whiplash from sudden stops and a lumbar cushion fixed to height-adjustable suspension rails provide ultimate comfort and support for your neck, head and lumbar region, eliminating risk of injury, tension, and fatigue.

4D Adjustable Armrest
The 4D armrests’ flexibility ensures that you can find the perfect position to support your arms and maintain a comfortable posture.

Plus-Size Wheels on
5-Star Base
At 75mm, the plus-size wheels on the Hotrod Royal provides vastly enhanced stability.

Put Skin In The Game
The Hotrod Royal is upholstered in premium Hyper-Dura leatherette, 12 times more resistant to wear and tear when compared to regular coverings.

Adjustable Design

150º Reclining
Hotrod Royal allows you to recline from 90º to 150º. Stay upright for work or play and lie down when you need to rest.

Piston Lift Height Adjustment
Premium quality piston lift lets you easily adjust the Hotrod Royal’s height.

Adjusting the tilt tension lets your body recline and rock comfortably within a small angle range at just the right amount of pressure. Lock in your perfect position!

Rolling Start
In motorsports, “rolling resistance” is a frictional force that opposes motion when an object rolls on a surface. A sleeve on the caster’s spoke reduces this resistance as well as eliminating noise, allowing the Hotrod Royal to glide across any surface as effortlessly as it’s quiet.

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