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AsiaHorse Extension Sleeved Braided Cables x6 Red

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  • Asiahorse pc power cable contain 1 x 24 Pin ATX Extension Cable (for Motherboard), 2 x 4 + 4 Pin EPS Cable (for CPU, NOT work for GPU) which support Double CPU M/B for Two-way performance., and 3 x 8 to 6+2 Pin PCI-E Cable (for GPU, NOT work for CPU). 4 cable combs per each cable and 30cm length, easily solve the lack of original cable length, beautify the internal space of the chassis.
  • The connectors of the GPU cable are designed with a unique gold port for greater durability and can withstand daily wear. The life is 12 times longer than ordinary gpu power supply cable and can withstand over 15000 bends. Fit most of graphics cards (not for 4080) on the market.
  • This custom psu cables use UL1015 16AWG wire with higher copper content to support higher current output, which fundamentally solves the problem of power cord getting hot due to the use of high-power products. Perfect for most power supplies, such as RM, RMX RM550x, RM650x, RM750x, RM850x, RM1000x, HX1000 series, etc.
  • New power supply cable set is designed and manufactured with premium materials for better looks and sturdiness. A variety of colors are available for you to choose from, DIY your PC freely, match your computer host as you like, and make your computer unique from now on!
  • Asiahorse focus on the raw materials quality management, is best choice for veteran gamers, the perfect partner for your computer, we can give you more than just performance and peace of mind.
    Note: These cable extensions must be attached to the existing cables of the modular power supply and NOT directly to the Modular Power Supply.

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