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Cougar Gaming Chair Terminator

by Cougar
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Rage Against The Machine
Aggressively assimilating style into functional design, the Terminator redefines the gaming throne. Its unique properties raise the bar for ergonomic support and comfort to unprecedented levels, letting nothing in the way of the full spectrum of gamers – from the hobbyist to the elite – doing what they do best: play.

Terminator - Unprecedented Revolution of the Gaming Chair - YouTube

The Second Spine
The Terminator’s central structure mimics the form and function of a second spine: the articulation shapes the backrest in alignment with the natural curvature of your back, helping you maintain perfect posture

COUGAR Terminator - Ergonomic Gaming Chair - COUGAR

Perfect Assist
Optimal lumbar support mechanics completely eliminate stress and fatigue by exerting just the right amount of resistance against your lower back, allowing you to sustain perfect gaming form and peak performance over longer periods of time.

COUGAR Terminator - Ergonomic Gaming Chair - COUGAR

Cool Under Pressure
Aviation-grade polyamide mesh dissipates body heat where it’s most concentrated, keeping you fresh, cool and dry even when you’re operating at max intensity.

Cover Your Six
The adaptive-density foam fitted to the Terminator’s fiber reinforced polymer (PAFRP) backrest provides unparalleled strength and durability, subtly adapting to your movements for total flexibility and comfort.

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Put Skin In The Game
The Terminator is upholstered in premium Hyper-Dura leatherette, 12 times more resistant to wear and tear when compared to regular coverings.

COUGAR Terminator - Ergonomic Gaming Chair - COUGAR

Revolution. Innovation. Redefinition.

The Human Factor
No two gamers are alike, and enjoyment of the game should never be affected by physiological variance. The Terminator is equipped with customization features that can tailor the height, headrest tilt and recline angle to any individual preference. The armrests are also independently adjustable in all 4D parameters: height, width, depth, and swivel. Position yourself in the sweet spot with ease without ever having to compromise the ability to execute your moves.

COUGAR Terminator - Ergonomic Gaming Chair - COUGAR

Stay Grounded
Everything starts from the foundation: with a model-exclusive extra large 29.6” aluminum wheelbase and 3” casters guaranteeing stability, the Terminator makes sure you stay firmly rooted and anchored throughout your game.

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